A full-scale model of the first Ukrainian electric supercar was built in Kiev. There is not much known about known about it, apart from the identity of its inspirer and investor – Andrey Dzhasovskiy, a private collector from Ukraine, who is now a resident of Monaco. Previously, Andrey has posted a concept image on his Facebook, saying that it is going to be named HIMERA Q.

It is still unknown when exactly this supercar is going to be released. The commercial version of the car will have an electric powertrain, and will be available in Monaco, according to the journalists of "TopGir", who were first to post these exclusive photos.

It is also known that this project was launched in the beginning of 2016. The first concept supercar is being assembled at SpecAutoTuning, a car design studio in the suburbs of Kiev. Dzhazovkiy has already cooperated with this studio in his earlier projects, such as building a custom Volga based on BMW 525i E39.

The author notes that the future Ukrainian supercar is incredibly similar to the first Austrian hypercar based on Lada Raven 2014 that supposedly will be ready for release in Crimea. According to the media, Markus Fuchs, an Austrian racer and one of the senior executives at Milano Automobile, has expressed a wish to bring this concept to life. This hypercar is often confused with HIMERA.